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HEAVY DUTY – equipped with ‘extra-power’ battery perfect for starting bigger engines. Selected as a Best Buy by Which Caravan Magazine because of its feature packed specification. It is ideal for starting petrol engines up to 6 litre and diesels up to 4 litre. Included are 1m long leads for easier use allowing you to safely connect the Jumpstart 4000 to your battery. The audible alarm will warn you if you have incorrectly attached the leads to avoid damage while the internal battery is maintenance free and has a low charge indicator.


1500 Amps peak output / 700 Amps boost at 12V.
Sealed maintenance free battery for long service life & safe operation.
Battery condition & charge level indicator.
Integral worklight for roadside repairs or emergency situations.
Battery pack can be recharged from 230V mains or in vehicle via 12V adapter.
Heavy Duty 1m long leads & heavy duty battery clamps.

Clarke HEAVY DUTY Jumpstart 4000

VAT Included
Out of Stock
  • 18KG

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