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Clarke`s PRO162 set contains 29 Chrome Vanadium Steel Torx-Star & security bit sockets, each with a 3/8″ or 1/4″ square drive for any equivalent square drive ratchet.


The full set contains many of the most commonly needed sizes of tamper-proof fastener sockets & Torx Star driver bits.


Contents includes:


3/8″ drive hex adaptor.
9 x 48mm long 3/8″ drive tamper proof Torx Star bits (T10 to T55).
8 x 25mm long Torx Star screwdiver bits (T8 to T40).
7 x 25mm long 1/4″ drive Torx Star sockets (E4 to E11).
5 x 3/8″ drive Torx Star sockets (E12 to E20).

Clarke PRO162 Torx-Star & Security Socket Set (3/8" + 1/4" drive)

VAT Included
  • 1.1KG

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